Valuable Content Shared Every Week

Each month will feature a different lesson, and each week’s live discussion will focus on a specific aspect of planning:

  • Week 1, Study Strategy:  

Take a deep-dive into intentional instructional design, the how’s and why’s of each element in the lesson plan.  PLUS, get a copy of the lesson plan to use as a template or in your classroom!

  • Week 2, Dominate Differentiation:  

Watch as I demonstrate how to differentiate the active learning experience to produce 2-4 alternatives.

  • Week 3, Level Up Literacy: 

I’ll emphasize the Common Core standards, disciplinary literacy skills, and how both are strengthened by activities throughout the lesson plan.

  • Week 4, Technology Tutor:  

Web-based programs used to design, deliver, or assess the planned lesson will be demonstrated.

Download a represntative calendar of events HERE.


This Membership Is Different

This professional learning community of like-minded science teachers

(NOT hosted on Facebook)

will be richer and more beneficial than any PD you've ever experienced!  


Here, you'll be able to:  

  • learn from and comment on the lesson plans and strategies I'll share through regular live meetings containing valuable content each week.

  • reflect on what you learn about student-centered instructional design and active learning for science classrooms through guided prompts.

  • interact with science teachers from around the world.

  • swap stories, experiences, and ideas related to creating and executing superior, innovative, student-centered learning experiences in your own science classroom.

  • find inspiration and expert perspective each and every day.

It's just as much about supporting one another to fulfill our collective mission

as it about gaining the knowledge we need to transform our individual classrooms.

Join me next time for a look around our meeting space!