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Interactive science lessons designed for student-centered learning will help you achieve these goals in your classroom!

Having taught secondary science in a distance learning model at a cyber charter school serving at-risk students for 11 years, I know all too well how difficult it can be to capture students' attention in a way that produces deep understanding and facilitates their long-term academic success. 

In time, I realized that their attention needed to be on the content itself, not on me teaching the content


Once I accomplished that mindset shift, I tried to tackle yet another! I wondered why it's common practice to introduce "lab" activities only once a week and why every science teacher wasn't sharing one every day.

Lab In Every Lesson was born was born out of the desire to focus my instructional goals on scientific method mastery through the delivery of technology-based, interactive science lessons to create and nurture a more constructivist, student-centered learning environment.

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Lisa Karosas

author and creator of Lab In Every Lesson

interactive science lesson planning guide

Download my 5-element framework for preparing
interactive science lessons
to transform your own classroom!

Interactive science lessons designed using this
5-element framework foster
student-centered learning by . . .

  • integrating and activating prior knowledge

  • emphasizing scientific literacy

  • employing computer-simulated visual models

  • providing opportunities for guided, independent and cooperative discovery through exploration

  • analyzing data sets from the collective group

  • formatively assessing through skill practice

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Need to pivot to virtual learning or support distance learning circumstances for your students?

Learning experiences that lean on free, accessible,web-based technologies
ensure students remain fully engaged
in the scientific method even at a distance!

  • Student-Centered Learning Activities

  • Complete Interactive Science Lessons

  • Digital Interactive Notebooks                           powered by BookWidgets

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Thinking of making the switch to
student-centered learning
for your science classroom?

Students with iPad
Students with iPad
  • be more active and aware during class time.

  • take ownership of their learning and make decisions about how to use your feedback.

  • learn experimental design through regular scientific method modeling and practice.


  • explore, record observations, analyze data, and communicate their findings.

You're students will . . .

Science Class
  • easily differentiate process for individual students or small groups of students.

  • increase your one-on-one time with students.


  • get to know each of your students and their individual abilities so much better.

  • love teaching again!

You will . . .


Connect to a community of science teachers who have made or are also working toward making the switch to student-centered learning in their science classrooms.

Consider what students think . . .

In addition to assessment data, unsolicited feedback from administration, students, and parents is proof that interactive science lessons built with my signature 5-element framework for student-centered learning works to engage students and encourage scientific method mastery.

* names have been omitted to preserve privacy

Interactive chemistry lessons that are interesting and fun!

". . . you always make chemistry a fun and exciting class that I look forward to everyday . . ."
"This is why I love this class!  You find a way to make almost everything interactive and fun."
"You make the class fun so it's easy to learn."
". . . I love chem because ... she makes it interesting, and makes me want
to come to class every day to learn more. She has a great teaching style . . ."
"Mrs. Karosas is an incredible teacher, she is fantastic at helping people understand difficult concepts, she is incredibly fast at responding to students questions, and she genuinely makes science fun."
"I really like how you have simulations and little activities for us to do on our own everyday.  "

Interactive chemistry lessons that nurture growth mindset!

"You’ve really challenged my mind in ways I didn’t think I could understand. Also, I am not a very vocal/social person but being in your classes made it easy for me to be comfortable in myself. "
"Thank you for a great year of chemistry. The assignments were sometimes challenging, but for the most part it was easy grasping the subject matter and I feel I'm improved greatly over the course of the year."

Interactive chemistry lessons that support academic success!

"The way you teach has helped me remember more of what I learn."
"You have given me so much help this year and made things make sense to me.
I never thought I would do well in chemistry, but you made it possible that I have."
"Mrs. Karosas has somehow made chemistry seem easy. She explains it so well.
I could not have made it through a year of chemistry without her special way of teaching it."
"Thank so much for being an amazing teacher! Science has never been a favorite subject of mine, because I am never able to fully grasp it. This year though, you made it my favorite
class of the year and I was finally able to understand it. "

Interactive chemistry lessons designed for every student!

"I love how you take the time to check our work everyday in class and give us feedback."
"I appreciate that you understand my abilities in class and let me work how I want to
with things like moving to my own breakout room during class to work on my own problems.
I love how flexible you teach your class and how you don't just assume everyone
in class is at the same level of understanding. "
Thank you for allowing me to visit.  This lesson was an exemplar for differentiation and individual mastery!  You are so adept at making lessons that allow for students to work immediately on their own if able, while still providing guidance to those in need.  Allowing them to choose how they are going to work gives them a sense of choice and control over their learning.  Sooo refreshing to see the individual work and mastery in the breakout rooms and your encouragement! 
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Interactive chemistry lessons that support the whole student!

Your class is my favorite class that I have to take this year. 
[It] is very challenging, but verychallenging in a good way.  Your class gets me thinking and actually pushes me to do well in science.  It's a great mix of challenging subjects to get my brain thinking, fun activities to help further my understanding and a great way for me to participate in class and collaborate with my fellow students.  Class participation has always been something that I have struggled with in school but your class is helping me get better at it. Your class gets me out of my learning comfort zone and pushes me to work harder than I have in my past classes. 
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All any teacher needs
to acheive these
amazing results
is a great
interactive science
lesson plan.

Learn how to write one yourself!

Listen to Season 1 of the podcast for  suggestions and insight!

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